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Over the years, FxFoto has become one of the premier choices for photo editing software. Choose the FxFoto Deluxe, Creative or Media Editions for photo editing and effects projects.

Designed from the ground up as photo organization, editing and layout software, FxFoto provides a new kind of photo editing interface that organizes all of the dialogs and tools you need for photo editing and photo effects out of the way in a single toolbar, so you can concentrate on your work without the usual clutter.  Plus FxFoto's unique scrolling organizer lets you quickly find and use all of your photos and graphic images, again without getting in the way.

In addition to the usual Auto Improve, Red Eye Removal, and White Balance, FxFoto's photo editing software includes a sophisticated Crop tool with adjustable feathering and a wide variety of available shapes.  You can even crop images to simulate randomly torn paper.

There is a powerful Clone Brush that can copy areas within a photo or between photos with adjustable feathering.  A unique Spot Improve tool can lighten or darken selected photo areas.  A Blemish tool can erase isolated blemishes or features.  A Color Brush lets you draw colors or transparency.  A Stamp Brush lets you draw with another stamped image and even does stutter strokes with repeated images stamped randomly as desired.

Edit photos with text at any angle, size, font and color.  FxFoto Creative even provides curved text and a spelling checker.

All FxFoto photo editing tools provide easy-to-use sliders and other controls. Unlike other image editing software, FxFoto does not confuse you with histograms and complex dialogs.  Yet FxFoto provides powerful editing tools not found in other simple photo editing software.

FxFoto photo editing and effects software.
Serious creativity made simple.

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