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FxFoto Photo Effects Software

FxFoto Deluxe, Creative or Media Editions all provide a large selection of cool creative photo effects that can be used with all sorts of images and graphics.  And FxFoto's powerful photo effects are surprisingly easy to use.  That is why FxFoto is pronounced "Effects Photo".

With each release, FxFoto's list of photo effects has grown to the point where FxFoto image effects now rival some of the best known and most expensive photo effects software available.  Here are some of the available photo and image effects:

Automatic framing with many frame styles, colors and related effects,
Realistic shadow effects that can be applied to any image or text,
Transparency and partial transparency effects,
Sharpen with Unsharp Mask,
Sharpen and Blur or Defocus Filters,
Despeckle Noise Reduction,
Oil Painting, Watercolor, Pen & Wash, Shaded Sketch, and Edges Sketch effects,
Embossed Image effects,
Horizontal or Vertical Motion effects,
3D realistic Tilt effects,
Sphere, Fish Eye, Swirl and Pixelize distortions,
A Skinny effect that can make people look thinner,
Posterize, Negative and Solarize color effects,
Wash Out, Saturate and Bleach color effects,
Winter Dull, Spring Greens, Summer Blues
and Autumn Reds color effects,
Tint, Monochrome, Sepia and Black & White effects,
Gradient Flood,
Colored and Metallic 3D shading effects,
Translucent 3D lens-like effects,
Surrounding Haze,
Distress Noise,
Spot Glow,
Spot Lighten and Darken,
Faded, Burnt, Colored and randomized Grunge Edge effects,
Paper, Stone, Weave and Crumpled Texture effects.
Duotone for printing monochrome photos with two or three ink colors,

FxFoto's Filter Effects tool has over 75 photo effects that can be applied to photographs and also to other images such as digital papers and embellishments.  FxFoto's Frame tool has thousands of framing and color combinations.  FxFoto's Text tool has dozens of special effects including shadows, 3D, outlines, adjustable curves and waves of text and randomized jitter text.  All of these image effects add up to limitless creative options.  But unlike other photo effects software, FxFoto's special effects are easy to find and use. Even the most complex effects require only a few simple slider adjustments.

FxFoto photo editing and effects software.
Serious creativity made simple.


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