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Press Contact

Susan White
Phone 1.603.890.9200
Fax 1.603.890.6659

Triscape, Inc.
P.O. Box 908
Windham, NH 03087

Reviewer Information

We are of course very happy to talk with reviewers and potential reviewers of our products.
Please call 1.603.890.9200 or e-mail us.  We can usually provide answers quite quickly.

Following are links to some of the FxFoto product information on this site that we believe would most helpful to potential reviewers:

In addition, following are some technical features which we believe give FxFoto an edge over competitive products:

  • FxFoto provides many of powerful creativity tools and effects and yet is surprisingly easy to learn and use.  Most features require just a few clicks and a slider adjustment or two.  FxFoto provides a real alternative for users who need more than simple photo editing but are frustrated with the complexity of software like Photoshop™.  That is why FxFoto is pronounced "Effects Photo".

  • FxFoto is unusually small, with less than a 2.3 megabyte download size and just few small program and data files.  This means that FxFoto downloads, installs and starts up with amazing speed.  Yet FxFoto supports a large number of features.  Because Triscape creates software largely from scratch, we can avoid large library DLL's which vastly increase the size and startup time required for most other packages.

  • FxFoto is unusually fast.  It is based on the high-performance Triscape Graphics Engine.  FxFoto is capable of redrawing bitmaps so quickly that it allows for animated zooming and panning.  The toolbar joystick control and available in-window mouse navigation capabilities allow users to change the zoom level and/or scroll to a new right-pane viewpoint much more easily and fluidly than in other Windows software.

  • FxFoto provides exceptional freedom for creating annotated photos and multi-photo collages and layouts.  Its fluid right-pane collage window with continuos zoom and pan makes it easy to work at any desired vantage point.  Building complex multi-photo collages, slide shows and layouts is significantly easier.

Logos and Screen Shots

The following images are available for illustrations in media articles about Triscape FxFoto.  Images are copyright Triscape, Inc. and permission is granted for use in reputable publications and reviews.  Please contact us for other specialized requests or if you would like to cross link with our site.

Click on the images for full resolution versions suitable for print.

FxFoto Logo
(FxFoto Logo - Small 287x107 - Click for Large 750x306, 20KB)

FxFoto Smaller Screen Shot
(FxFoto Screen Shot - Click for 800x600, 200KB)

FxFoto Full Screen Shot
(FxFoto Full Screen Shot - Click for 1024x744, 300KB)

FxFoto Creative Retail Box Shot
(FxFoto Creative Edition Retail Box Shot - Click for 1476x2016, 650KB)

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